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Ok so it is almost free! Sign-up with the discount code of FREEFORLIFE and you will get a life time membership to The Loving Couple, with one catch. The loving couple is a membership driven content site so we need your help to make this site a success. So the catch is you have to submit at least 12 approved entries to the Fantasy Zone, in your first year of membership, and that is it your are a member for life. That is only one entry per month for 12 months but we hope that you will enjoy providing others with your fantasies, stories and advice so much that you will submit many more then 12 entries into the Fantasy Zone.

If you are unable to submit 12 entries to the database in one year, your account will be reverted back to a free account after one year. But look on the bright side that is one free year of full site access for zip, zilch nothing.

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First 100 people to sign up and use discount code GRANDOPENING

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