Jack had been traveling for the better part of a month and couldn’t wait to get home.  His flight had been delayed and he knew when he got home Ali would be sound asleep.  He couldn’t help but feel guilty that all he wanted to do was wake her up and bury his cock inside her warm wet pussy and make love to her all night.  His jeans felt tight as his cock began to get semi hard at just the thought.

Finally his plane landed and the 30 minute ride home felt like an eternity. But finally Jack was home.  When he opened the door he was a little surprised to see the bedroom light shining beneath the closed door, but figured Ali had fallen asleep with the light on again. As he climbed the stairs he felt the all to familiar twitch of his dick like it sensed he was home and close to its favorite place to be.

Jack opened the door to the sight of Ali’s perfect ass in the air and her beautiful blonde hair between the legs of a woman he had never seen. He immediately dropped his jacket and his mouth hung open.  The brunette he didn’t know smiled at him and stared back at him with deep blue fuck me eyes. “Hi” was all she said.  At that Ali stopped the lavish tonguing of the brunettes clit and sat up. She was immediately embarrassed but also extremely turned on that Jack had caught her with another woman.

The brunette looked at Ali and said “perhaps he’d like to watch”. With that statement Jack’s cock was rock hard and throbbing. He felt as if he might cum right then. Ali simply grabbed his hand and led him to the side of the bed for him to sit down. She smiled sweetly at him as she turned back to the brunette and kissed her deeply. Jack reached to touch them and the brunette pushed his hand away, indicating he could only watch.  He watched as these two women kissed and caressed each other. The brunette began to suck on Ali’s tit as Ali’s head tipped back in ecstasy.  After many agonizing minutes of watching the two of them pleasure one another they reached for Jack and began to remove his shirt and finally his too tight jeans.  His massive throbbing cock finally free. He looked to Ali as to what might be fair game as the brunette took his cock into her mouth and began giving him a blow job as he watched Ali massaging her own clit. The brunette then moved to Ali, lightly licking her clit at first, making Ali cum almost instantly. Jack was overwhelmed and stood behind the brunette and thrust all 8 inches of his thick cock into that tight dripping pussy hard and fast. She moaned in pleasure but did not stop eating at Ali’s pussy. Jack continued thrusting over and over all the while watching his beloved Ali come undone by the magical mouth of the mysterious brunette. As Ali’s head arched back and she cried out the most exquisite orgasm Jack felt himself squirt his warm stick cu all over the round firm ass of the brunette.

Complete spent he laid down on the bed. Partially hoping a round 2 would be in his future. Instead the brunette simply kissed Ali on the forehead and thanked them both for a fabulous time and then left. All Ali had to say was “Welcome Home, Jack”

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Relentlessly Positive

Relentlessly Positive · March 16, 2019 at 7:13 pm

Jake is one lucky man to have such an awesome wife that will have such a good surprise planned for his return. I too travel a lot for work, and would welcome this kind of surprise on my return.

Rose you have hit a home run with this fantasy, and I’m looking to many more of your fantasies.

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