101 Ways To Tease Your Way To Intimacy (e-Book)


The Loving Couple’s first e-Book 101 ways to tease your way to intimacy.

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Love Actions that will drive them crazy!

Feeling the sexual rut of a long term relationship can leave one or both of the people in the relationship feeling alone, scared, anxious, and frustrated to name a few. Most couples get mired down in the day-to-day chores we call life, and lets the most important part of their life fall by the way side, their relationship.

Does this sound familiar? Well if so don’t feel bad you’re not alone, this is something that happens to most couples. And in most cases can be resolved and fixed if both people in the relationship are still onboard to be in the relationship.

This is what this E-Book is about giving you little ideas of things you can do to let your lover know you care deeply about them deeply and wish to always be with them and love them. Also these love action can be an aphrodisiac of sorts and is bound to add a new found spark in the relationship. It has been proven that teasing outside the bedroom and abstaining from sexual activity for a few days can lead to explosive sexual encounters with your loved one.

Download your copy today for FREE, and start reviving your relationship TODAY!




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