Welcome to The Loving Couple (TLC) community, which is a web site concept that I conceived in the early 2000s near the end of my failing marriage. I was feeling alone, trapped, scared, abused, and frankly desperate to feel loved again. At the time, I felt like I had tried everything to rebuild my marriage and the excitement we both felt at the start of our relationship, but it was too late. All these feelings of despair and darkness along with a deep seeded entrepreneurial spirit my father instilled in me during my childhood collided and BAM! TheLovingCouple.com was born.

Now I know you are asking yourself “why did it take so long to launch a site you conceived in the early 2000s and it is now 2019”? Well as they say, “life happens when you are planning for it”, and that is what happened. It took another few years for my marriage to finally collapse, and another 8 or 9 very difficult years to get him out of my life so I could move on. Not trying to make excuses but with two young kids, young career, a divorce, and other business starts I just never got to it. Although, I did start a few times. Good news is, I have had a lot of years to bring the idea to perfection.

From day one it has always been “The Loving Couple | Helping Couples Reignite the Passion via a healthy exchange of conversation, affection, and fantasy role-playing to reawaken their playful spirit”. And that mission has never changed. Also from day one I had conceived the Fantasy Zone, which will be the first of many great features I will add to the site

.The Fantasy Zone (FZ) is a safe interactive fantasy collection with all the fantasies, stories, and content written by YOU, the members of The Loving Couple (TLC) community. By role playing the fantasies in the FZ, stagnate couples can rejuvenate the extreme passion felt during the out of control honeymoon phase at the start of their relationship.

The TLC business plan has many other exciting features coming in the near future to help couples improve their relationship and reignite the passion they once felt, but I will keep those a secret and surprise you, the members with each new release of The Loving Couples’ features.

Thank you for joining our community and I hope you find TLC a safe, and fun place to share new experiences with your partner and share with the community.


OOPS! I almost forgot to tell you, the first 100 people to sign up and use the discount code FREEFORLIFEwill get a free life time membership to the site, with one catch: you have to submit 12 approved fantasies, stories, or poems to the Fantasy Zone within your first year of membership. If you fail to submit 12 approved entries into the Fantasy Zone your membership will expire at the end of a year.

If you were not quick enough to be one of the lucky 100 free for life members try using the discount code GRANDOPENINGto get three months free full access membership to TLC.

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