There are upsides and downsides to getting comfortable in a relationship. You have a routine, you know your partner’s moods, their ups and downs, how they work in every way—including sexually. Even the most loving couples can end up having problems in a relationship, especially if they’ve gotten too used to one another, and too used to their daily routine. There’s an individualized solution for each couple looking to reignite the passion, but we’ve compiled a list of 5 Sex Tips to Reignite the Passion that might give you a start on reviving that loving feeling.

1. Share Your Sexual Fantasies

While many of us might feel awkward or uncomfortable diving into our dirtiest daydreams right off the bat, sharing a simple fantasy with your partner can help to bring the two of you closer together. It’s another way to be vulnerable, build some emotional intimacy, and maybe learn a little more about your partner—and yourself—in the process.

2. Give Role Playing a Try

Role playing is a good way to step into another set of shoes for a time, or try out something your “ordinary” selves might be shy about. Sometimes, role playing can help you work through problems in a relationship, like shying away from intimacy, or having difficulty taking charge, and other times, it can help to increase your sexual chemistry, by bringing out a side of your relationship that neither of you expected.

You can find many fantasies that have been shared at The Loving Couple’s Fantasy Zone. Find some quit time so you and your partner can read through the fantasies in The Fantasy Zone, and find a few that you and your partner find interesting. Read them out loud to each other. Then make a plan, live the fantasy and see how it helps you reconnect with your lover.

3. It’s All About the Buildup

Foreplay can be an excellent way to create intimacy and reaffirm the relationship. For any loving couple, taking the time to go slow and work up to a more physical moment can help to reaffirm interest in one another. Anticipation, anticipation, anticipation—it can make the actual act feel even more intense.

Check out the fantasy “A Birthday To Remember” in the Fantasy Zone for a great idea on ways to spark your relationship to a full inferno.

The Loving Couple

In my personal affairs I have found that flirting and foreplay can lead to some pretty exciting and explosive sexual experiences. In one instance I woke up on a sat morning, and started to get frisky with my partner with what was our normal routine love making scenario. When I brewed up this evil plan. I started kissing, and touching as I always do but taking way more time then I normally do in our normal routine mode. I could feel my partner’s heart rate increase and the breaths became shallow and more rapid. With my hands I took her right to the point of explosion and would stop. I did this many time leaving her more and more frustrated and her begging me to finish her off. Much to her relief I mounted her and start to maneuver myself in to position as her requests and begging increased I rubbed myself just inside her but only penetrating enough to frustrate her even more. As her begging increased she would grab my hips and give a futile attempt to take all of me. After a very long time of teasing her, I kissed her head said good morning. As I jumped into the shower I said come up lets go get some breakfast, and I also informed her she was to NOT pleasure herself. This kind of flirting and teasing went on for two days before I finally relived her of the burden she was carrying all weekend. To read this whole story in the Fantasy Zone CLICK HERE.

4. Allow For More Communication

It might seem a little tricky to balance conversation and sex at the same time, but a good chunk of your sexual chemistry comes from how well you can communicate with one and another. As we said earlier, sharing your sexual fantasies is a good start, but don’t be afraid to talk about what you do and don’t like while you’re in the moment. Also it might be awkward at first but communicating to your lover what you do and don’t like while in the misted of making love, can not only help your lover bring you to your ultimate goal, but can lead to a new high level of arousal not experienced before. Show your partner where and how to touch you, along with telling them how it makes you feel. Make sure to praise them for a job well done when they have master something you have showed and or told them so they know they have done it right.

5. Experience Something New

Do you have a standard pattern that your lovemaking tends to fall into? Or maybe your partner’s always the one who initiates the sexual encounters? Mix things up a little bit! Switching from gentle and tender to incredibly erotic, and back again, can help meet your changing sexual needs. Changing up who initiates can also help you both feel more involved in your sexual intimacy and more wanted by one another. Maybe a change of scenery might help to increase the sexual desire you are feeling, try a mini weekend vacation out of town. Turn off the phone, make no real plans except spending quality naughty time with your lover. If money is no object and you want to stay in an AirBnB that is guaranteed to get you in the mood then check this blog out. And if going out of town is not financially feasible maybe a mini staycation in your home town at a romantic Airbnb you wanted to try, and a new hip restaurant you wanted to try. Don’t forget the supplies of a sexcation such as massage oil, sexy cloths, toys, Hershey’s syrup and canned wiped cream, and any other supplies you might need.  

Relationship advice can be a little difficult to look for, and even harder than that to take. If you’re not ready for the fantasy sharing level of communication, try something a little easier, like looking up sex tips for weird positions, or finding toys that you might want to try. If you want to reignite the passion, you’ll need to start by building up a small sparks.

If you liked this blog 5 Sex Tips to Reignite the Passion or have any ideas that would add to this list please post them in the comments below.

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