Living life with three children had taken its toll on Mitch and Meg’s once extremely passionate and loving relationship to the point they were now not much more than ships in the night, while passing off kids from one event to the next and rushing off to work. Mitch, a successful traveling salesman peddling high tech security systems to major enterprises around the planet, Meg, a stay at home mom with a successful and growing side hustle as a photographer. Frankly, they had just grown apart. Without realizing it, they had left their most important asset languishing in the past, their relationship.

Mitch loved his wife dearly and his heart always skipped a beat every time he saw this amazing creature he called his wife. He longed for the simple days when the two of them would lie in the sweet smelling summer grass by the lake and watch the stars. They would hold each other and talk about their dreams and passions. Which would always end up with them making love under the moon and skinny dipping in the warm waters of Cherokee lake until the sunrise would kiss their naked skin and warm their already smoking souls. He often wondered where those days had gone as he stirred his gin and starred off in to space surrounded by others who were all the equally as bored. They, like him, had become robots marking time in this dreary, God forsaken airport somewhere on a planet that he seemed to be just existing on.

He always had this nagging feeling that he was losing what was most important, yet he was helpless to change his existence. He talked to Meg about it often and they always agreed to make time for each other by pledging to start having date night, but there never seem to be time. There was always something more important than their sanity or their relationship.

Meg felt the same way and would often talk to her so-called friends. They were all pretty much in the same boat as Meg and Mitch, but no one wanted to let the façade of a great life, full of everything, down long enough to realize their lives sucked. Everyone was living a fake life and fucking other people because they had hoped it would shed some light on the pain everyone was living.

As much as their friends had encouraged each of them secretly to take on a lover, neither one of them had reached that point yet. Although, Meg had started flirting, feeling the tingle below without realizing it, with one of customers. Every time she realized what she was doing just to feel ten seconds of being human she would punish herself and move deeper into despair. Both of the once hot lovers were falling deeper and deeper into the abyss fearing no way back to the lover they both desperately desired.

Mitch was on his way overseas and yet again found himself stirring another gin in some anonymous bar in some airport somewhere. When a smoking hot red head asked if the seat beside him was taken. He scrambled to return to consciousness and help the lovely creature onto the barstool beside him. His heart began to pound when he saw her red hair sweep across her heaving and exposed breasts, pressing against her straining low cut top. He caught a quick familiar sent of Chanel #5, which immediately brought him back to the first time he met Meg.  And then it hit him like a ton of bricks.  His cock was pounding and hard as a rock. His trousers were not doing a good job of hiding his desire. As he retreated to his seat he extended his hand that she softly accepted as he introduced himself.

His mind was racing. He had not felt this amazing in years. As he called the bartender over to refresh his drink and get the lovely lady her pleasure as well, his mind began to race. Would this be it? Would this be the woman who finally pushed him beyond any place he thought he could ever go? Push him to a place he had never gone before and a place he could never return from. The universe was screaming at him to pay his bill and walk away before he could not undo the sin he so desperately wanted to commit. As he turned to the women and said “of all the Gin joints in the world what brings you here to me?”

Her smile, her smell, her dimple, was more than he could bear. He was for sure he was going to lose his load in his pants. Just as she turned and looked at him with those deep green eyes, “I don’t know why I chose to sit next to you Mitch. But with your cute grin and that bulge in your pants, I’m sure glad I did.”  She placed her soft hand on his inner thigh and gently squeezed. “My layover is three hours. I hope yours is too. Maybe we can find a more cozy place to hang out and get to know each other,” she said with a very evil smile.

After a few minutes of nervous banter on his part, she grabbed her drink stood up and pulled her amazing body up against his and kissed his cheek, nibbled on his ear, and whispered, “why don’t we continue whatever this is over there in that sofa in that dark corner. I might even be able to give you a blowjob over there without anyone noticing.” That was it. Mitch was all in, going to a place of no return. All he wanted was to blow his load in her mouth.

As they walked to the sofa he could see her perfect body silhouetted and swaying in her tight form fitting dress. His brain was screaming to walk away before it was too late and at the same time wonder if he could live with himself while imagining the disappointment and anger Meg would feel if she found out. As they sat on one end of the sofa Mitch became aware of another very well built and handsome man sitting on the other end of the couch.

As he continued their conversation Mitch began to notice the woman was starting to be distracted by the handsome man next to her. The man asked the red head a question and paid her a cheesy  compliment come on line that Mitch only half heard. The women responded to the man’s come on line with a school girl giggle and a soft hand squeezing the man’s inner thigh in the same as she had just done to Mitch only seconds before. The man continued his assault of one-liners keeping the red head in stitches. Just a few seconds more and the red head leaned over and kissed the man on the cheek and slid her hand from his inner thigh to his bulging cock and squeezed. They both faced each other and landed in a deep tongue dancing kiss that rivaled any seen in any movie at any time.

The man pulled the red head up against his own body to deepen the embrace and a kiss that seemed to last a life time. She unzipped the man’s trousers and slid her hand in for a deeper inspection as moans of approval slipped passed the red head’s lips. What she thought was a whisper came out for all to hear, “you better find a place to fuck me now or I’m sure Mitch there will be glad to do if you can’t.” They both stood as the man returned his zipper to the upright position and gathered their things.

Just before they left, the women looked down at Mitch and smiled. “I could not let you ruin you and your wife’s life”, as she point to the ring on Mitch’s finger. “You are a dear sweet man that I can tell has never cheated and loves his wife desperately. Maybe you two have just lost your way living life as you plan for it. Maybe you just need to find a way back together like me and my husband here did just a few months ago. Let me give you a word of advice, don’t lose what you already have and hold so dear, like we almost did.” She handed Mitch a business card as the two walked off hand in hand giggling never to be seen again.

Mitch sat there for what seemed like hours as tears flowed down his cheeks. He pondered what had just happened and how so easily he was willing and could have given up everything just to feel human for one brief second. He had been a robot marking time for so long he had forgotten what was important to him. As his thought turned to his dear sweet Meg and those summer nights by the lake he looked down at the card in his hand and read reignite the passion NOW!!!!. And on the back was a hand written note that read. “Mitch, let this site help save yours and Meg’s marriage as it did ours”. As Mitch thought to himself I never mentioned my wife’s name.

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mrapp · February 27, 2019 at 10:47 am

This story sounds very familiar to me, and I also travel a lot for work. I have found myself feeling very detached from my wife and family, and have often found myself day dreaming about some good looking women setting next to me in some airport somewhere.

Something always snaps me back to reality and I realize how awesome my life is and how great my world is. I am human and I will always day dream but at the end of the day it is the memories I have and will make with my family that has kept me from cheating and will keep me from cheating.

Great story that hit home, and came to me at a perfect time when I needed strength.

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