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The Fantasy Zone (FZ) is an interactive fantasy collection, with all the fantasies, stories, and content written by YOU, the members of The Loving Couple (TLC) community. By role playing the fantasies in the FZ, stagnant couples can rejuvenate the extreme passion felt during the serotonin overload at the beginning of their relationship.

Select a Story from the Fantasy Zone

Search through the Fantasy Zone for stories and fantasies that are intriguing and exciting to you and your partner. You can search the FZ by keyword search, category, or just sift through them one at a time until you find one you like.

Read the Fantasy

Once you have found a fantasy in the FZ that speaks to you and your partner, find some quiet time and read it out loud to each other. Talk about how best to role-play this fantasy and make any and all preparations that may be needed to fully reenact the fantasy.

Role-Play The Fantasy

You have found the perfect fantasy, you have made all the preparations (including getting the kids off to grandma's for the night). Now it is time to relax, play your part, and enjoy.

Write and Submit your own Fantasy

Have you and your partner lived out some of your own personal fantasies? Do either or both of you have an active imagination? Want to find out what other people think about your fantasies? Share them with The Loving Couple community, and watch the rankings and comments come in as other couples try out your fantasies.

Rewards for Sharing is a private members-only web site, where the members share their fantasies for others couples to role-play and enjoy. TLC will reward you with free membership credits for each approved fantasy you share with The Loving Couple community. Make sure to share your fantasy on all your social networks to become one of our top-ranked contributors.

Recent Fantasies

Pick a story, Read, Role-Play, and Enjoy the HEAT!


Jack had been traveling for the better part of a month and couldn’t wait to get home.  His flight had been delayed and he knew when he got home Ali would be sound asleep.  He... Read more…

Worshiped For A Night

Nicole had been what she thought was happily married for 4 years now. She met her husband Chris 5 years ago in a blind date and they hit it off from the start. They successfully... Read more…

The Loving Couple

Living life with three children had taken its toll on Mitch and Meg’s once extremely passionate and loving relationship to the point they were now not much more than ships in the night, while passing... Read more…

Along The Paths

The morning was cool and crisp as I began my hike up the trail to the top of Terry Peak, and although it was late October, the sun was just beginning to warm the South... Read more…

The Strap On

Robin was lost in thought as she rode the Clark St. bus on her way to her job as a junior trader at the Board of Trade in downtown Chicago. Having only graduated from the... Read more…


Through sharing new conversations, opening the door to fantasy role-playing,

and embracing time-tested relationship advice couples can rekindle the excitement that made them fall in love in the first place.

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