It was to be the first weekend in many months without kids, events or other high pressure meaningless tasks that tend to fill up most of our weekends. My girlfriend of many years and I purposely planned nothing for this weekend, which was at times a struggle to keep the weekend clear for us only.  We had successfully blended our families and lived together, but as with most couples quickly lost touch with one another and our intimacy as life took over. We seemed to never be able to talk about the white elephant in the room because as life took over it left us less and less time to talk, and most night we fell into bed exhausted with no energy to talk let alone make love.

My weeks leading up to this weekend was so chaotic that I had completely forgotten about this little mini vacation from life with the stranger that slept beside me every night. Every now and then I would remember our weekend over the weeks leading up to it, and would say to myself “you need to plan at least one surprise and dinner out for the weekend”, and as fast as the thought would enter my head life would call and off to the races I would go putting out the latest fire of the day.

The weekend finally arrived as I realized I had not planned one bloody surprise or meal out for us. I tried to talk myself into it being OK that I did not do anything in the sprite of the weekend of NOTHING PLANNED. Somehow deep down I was mad at myself for not planning at least one little surprise. This feeling I was having was the same feeling I would get over trying to figure out what to do for Valentine’s day, birthdays, and Christmases for past love interest. The only savings grace to this is my girlfriend and I had set the stage from day one we don’t do these silly hallmark holidays in the traditional way since they were really built for big companies to make more money. BTW not having to go all out for Valentine’s day and other holiday has been one of the biggest stress reductions I have ever experienced in a relationship. But more on that in some other blog or fantasy. But somehow deep down I felt bad that I had not done a thing to prep for the weekend.

By the time the kids were off to their weekends away and all the closing of the week chores were done both of us were already beyond tired. So we had a very quiet meal and binging on some Netflix for a few hours and off to bed we went. I know we both wanted to dive head first into some mind altering sex, but before our heads hit the pillows we were out.

I woke up on a Saturday morning, and started to get frisky with my girlfriend with what was our normal routine love making scenario. I really just wanted to get done and go riding my motorcycle, when all of a sudden I brewed up this evil plan. This was it the spontaneous, evil, naughty, surprise that I had wanted to plan but just never had time to think about. All of a sudden my mind was clear and my cock grew harder than pine.  All with one little thought my mind became clear and my energy level spiked through the roof. My heart was pounding and since I was cuddled against my girlfriend I know she felt both my heart start to pound and my cock against her leg which in turn started her decent into the throws of passion. Under my arm that laid across her chest I felt her heart rate start to increase at the same time I started to smell the familiar aroma of my favorite scent, my girlfriend’s pussy was already ready dripping wet and filling our bedroom with her glorious womanly aroma.

I started kissing, and touching as I always do but taking way more time then I normally do in our normal routine love making mode. I could feel her heart rate increase even more and her breaths became shallow and more rapid. As I caressed her subtle breasts and kissed her neck moans of pleasure and frustration leaped from her month. I kissed my way from her neck to her breast and gently licked her nipples, as her moans deepened. As I know my girlfriend well I took advantage of that knowledge and bit into her nipple harder than the average women enjoys. Her whole body convulsed and completely tightened as the pain from the love bite took hold of her conscious mind. Her back arched as she moaned louder and busted out with “FUCK ME”. 

I worked my mouth down to her abdomen as she put her hands on my head and started to instruct my lips to head for her lips. Pushing my head almost to her beautiful pussy, I resisted as to not touch her tender folds. I blew on her dripping wet pussy so the cool air would send a shock wave up her spine which I assumed worked form the growl response she let out. I started kissing her inner thigh with little love bites in between kisses.

Her own hands began to wonder first rubbing her breast and then pinching her nipples trying to get the same dopamine injection she got from my teeth. Out of frustration her right hand made a b-line right for her clit and started running furiously round and round. She was wasting no time taking herself to ecstasy like she has done so many times before. I grabbed her wrist and ripped her fingers away from her clit, and just whispered “not today, no touching yourself until I say it is OK”. She tried to strong arm my grip and muscle her fingers backing to her slippery wet pussy, but I was able to push them away. From the grunts she was spewing I could now tell she was furious and most likely more horny then she had ever been. The time interval between her begs to be fucked shortened as her moaning became loud and constant.

I continued my assault by continuing my kissing and biting her inner thighs with the occasional blow to her tinder folder that were now wide open and pulsing with an over dose of blood. I looked down and could see her clit standing high and tall but took special care to not touch her silky pink lips. I could feel the steam coming up from between her legs on my face as I continued to blow on her pussy. My cock was now pulsing harder than ever before, to the point that all I wanted to do was fuck her waiting pussy. It had never been so hard to not touch her as this was right now. When I had waited double the time then I felt I should have which felt like an eternity, as gently as I can I placed the tip of my tongue on her tween. So gently I’m pretty sure she was not sure if I had touched her or not by the change her breath. I then worked my tongue up her left fold as gently as I could but she finally felt it and her whole body convulsed again as she let out a scream. Once I was at the top I licked my way down her right fold as her hands grabbed my hair very tightly and tried to force my tongue deep into her hooch. I resisted her power play and continued my gentle assault on her now frustrated pussy.

On the next pass I let my tongue slip from her tween deep into her swollen pussy as another scream came out of her month. I twitched my tongue so it would tickle the top of her pussy just the way she liked it. I pulled out much to her dismay but immediately latched on to her clit and twirled my tongue so my tongue and her clit did a lovers dance. Knowing my GF as well as I do I knew she had almost reached the point of no return as the moans, screams and convulsions were continuous now. Just at the right second I stopped my assault on her clit and started kissing her belly and my way back up to her lips. I like to force her to lick my lips smothered with her pussy juice as she pretends to not want to lick pussy although I know she has eaten pussy many times.

She started a non-stop verbal assault to find out why I stopped she was just about to cum. My only answer was “exactly”. “Please Please go back down on me or fuck me now, finish me off” she begged. I decided to continue our kissing and cuddle time to make sure she completely loses that tingly feeling. When I was sure her heart rate was back to normal I slide my hand between her legs and as fast as she came down she went right back up. Her pelvis was now humping in the opposite motion of my hand to get extra pressure on her swollen clit. The great thing about my girlfriend is she cums at the drop of a hat and really takes nothing to make her cum. It only took me about a minute or so to get her right back to where I left off and her chanting “Fuck me fuck me NOW!!!”. And just like before just as she about blew her top I removed my hand and put my dripping wet fingers in her mouth and rubbed her lips so I could kiss her pussy juice off her lips.

My hand led attack on her clit happened over and over for the next hour or so, and every time her hands would try to find her way to orgasm I would spank her hard leaving a hand print on her ass. Over and over and over till I knew her clit was beyond raw.

The smell of sex was thick in the air, as well as my cock was thick and throbbing. Much to her relief I mounted her and start to maneuver cock in to position as her requests and begging increased. I rubbed my cock just inside her but only penetrating enough to frustrate her even more. As her begging increased she would grab my hips and give a futile attempt to take all of me deep into her snatch. I rubbed my cock on her clit and pumped it just inside her over and over till we were both were about to explode when I would stop and wait for her heart rate to slow down. And then I would do it again. The last time I brought her to the brink I quickly laid myself down and grabbed her by her hair pulling her to the cock she loved to suck. I made her suck me while I told her I was going to cum and she was not allowed to cum. With one hand on my shaft and her month following and opposite motion her free hand kept venturing towards her pussy. I grabbed the free hand and assured her she was not allowed to touch herself or cum till I told her it was OK. It only took a short amount of time before I exploded her mouth due to the hours of play time that had me on the edge often. She swallowed and kept her pace and pressure. She knows it only take a very short time for me to become completely overwhelmed by the sensitivity of post orgasm stimulation. She was determined to get me back even if just a little so she locked me down and kept sucking hard and fast. She finally broke her suction and let me sink into the marshmallow haze of post orgasm.

She cuddled up to me and continued to rub my balls and cock gently as she loves to do after we are done. This action sends the whole experience into the stratosphere. She started whispering in my ear as she continued to rub me and said “you are one evil man, when do I get to cum”? As an evil grin came over my face.

We relaxed in each other’s arms for a long time enjoying the solitude of nothingness, when I kissed her on the head and said good morning. As I jumped up and turned on the shower I said come on lets go get showed and get some breakfast. I also informed her that she was not allowed to leave my sight the whole weekend and she was to NOT pleasure herself, knowing how often she has her fingers in her pussy I would have to watch her like a hawk. This kind of flirting and teasing went on for two days before I finally relived her of her burden she was carrying all weekend.

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