Here is a beginners course on pleasing your guy, you are welcome to ask for elaboration on certain fine points in the comments below if you wish or get back to me after your next encounter to discuss how it went and what you might improve on.

He may feel a little self conscious about receiving unconditionally from you. Some men are so use to being in the driver’s seat during sex that they cannot relax and let you take charge. So you need to start working on his other head first. Tell him you want him to totally relax and allow you to play and explore his erogenous zones, because you would love to see him have an explosive orgasm!

Find some vegetable oil around the house. It is great lubrication to warm his penis up with your hands and not a problem later on when you begin oral. Great hand technique is under appreciated and should be used to get him in aroused. Be very gentle and soft. Keep your thumb and forefinger in a loose loop around his head and shaft and slowly stroke back and forth, paying special attention to the area just under the head. There are special friction receptors there that really respond to rhythmic stimulation. Also, use your fingertips. Gently start at the base and pull up softly, slightly twisting your wrist as you pull to make him fully engorged.

Now, if he is really hard, you can begin with a little tongue work. Like with a woman, a man needs gentle stimulation at first. Begin by gently licking the area just behind the tip of his penis, where the skin attaches to the head. Lick once every 5 seconds, feel him pulsing and then again lick in 5 second intervals. This will make him really hot! This is a highly sensitive area as well as the area around it. If he is not circumcised, then the foreskin, which may be just below the head of his penis is also extremely sensitive and you might begin to gently stroke it while you are licking. If he is cut, then grab the very base of his penis with your hand and squeeze relatively hard. This will force more blood to the tip and increase sensitivity as well as enlarging his organ.

The urethra (where he pees from) is also an under-appreciated area of sensitivity which should not be ignored. Lick that periodically as you stroke him. Continue to do gentle strokes, periodically squeeze and lick, but sparingly, until you hear him panting and feel him pulsating. It is important at first to do less, just tease and tease.

Now, when you see a little drip of semen emerging from the tip, or when he begs you to go harder, he is ready for some real friction. Grab him and squeeze, pulling the skin on his shaft away, totally isolating the head and opening up the area just below it.  With your tongue, begin really licking. Close your mouth around his head and start sucking the tip while stroking the shaft, rhythmically. Make some moaning noises so he knows that you are really into it (this is where the term “hummer” came from. A street term for blow job and eventually, he’ll explode his liquid love all over you!

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Alexander Jacques Sabucido · October 29, 2019 at 8:47 pm

This tips would be a huge help for you to be aware as to how is it important in pleasing your men.

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